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Anyone remember Blackmoon Chronicles: Winds of War?


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I was going through my old MMOs lately, and came across one I hadn't heard of in ages: Blackmoon Chronicles: Winds of War. To date, I consider the art style of that game to me be favorite by far: every map and character was hand-drawn, and the world felt so rich and alive. It is based on a set of novels, so they had tons of un-tapped lore to pull from.

The game itself was fairly good, but I think it never made it out of development: it was like 90% complete last I played it, but still needed a few quests and stuff added (it was in way better shape than the vast majority of the "Early Access" titles these days lol). The last update I could find is from 2008, and says the full release is just around the corner. I remember it had faction-based open world PvP, with a few really interesting classes like ghouls.

Anyone else ever play this game, or know what happened to it? This is one of the games I shed a tear for the most, because it was so close to completion and had such an interesting world.

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